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Charity Hopping Around the World

Purpose: To promote a charity that you support.

For the post, tell a little about the charity.
It can be a local, regional or worldwide charity.

Along with the info about the charity host a giveaway.  It can be a giveaway related to the charity or it can just be book related!

My Charity: Children International

Children International allows you to sponsor an under privileged child from many countries. Once you choose a child you have many options to interact with your child, including emails, letters, visiting and presents! Having my child in Ecuador has really meant the world to me! I've been sponsoring her for almost 3 years! Her name is Daniela Alejandra Chicaiza Charry. She is 15 years old now!

One thing that i really like is that they give you photo's as well as family facts every year! They also keep a photo gallery online with all the pictures taken of your child! I've learned so much about Ecuador and really want to visit soon! Consider sponsoring a child! Or click here to find other ways to help the children!

I also really love animals, especially horses! So i wanted to take this opportunity to take about my favorite horse charity/shelter. It's in Arizona (where I used to live). Its called Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary. They have different program's to sponsor a horse for like $1 a month (and all the way up to $100/month). They use it for feed, meds, shelter and other supplies!

Here's a little List for other Horse Charities:

Ok, Now for the GIVEAWAY:

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Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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