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Indie Author Month 2012

Indie Author Month 2012

Hey hey guys & gals!! I have some awesome news!!! Lovely lit will be hosting a uber great event in the next month, all focused on indie authors and their awesome YA ebooks!!!

Why? Recently. i've been discovering sooo many indie authors on my Kindle. Initially, i downloaded one random book for 99 cents. I thought it'd be ok to spend a mire dollar even i i hated the story... but whoa...i LOVED it! Since then, i've bought about 10 more and added over 50 to my wishlist. Addicted much? I really, really wanted to let these author know how much i appreciate their hard work! So i think exposure of these awesome stories is perfect. Before i accidentally stumble upon my first indie book...i was pretty much clueless. I know there are probably lots of people out their like the "before" me... So i want to end that now!!

Ok, so more about what's going down!

The Events:
-Guests Posts (From Indie Authors and Other Bloggers)
-Reviews (From me and links to others)
-Reading Challenges (To help you all discover my Favorites)
-Indie Book Awards (Recognition for the Authors)
-Indie Read-a-Thons (Some Heavy Reading!!)
-Giveaways (Books and Giftcards) & Giveaway Hop!
-And More (Features at your request)

Today's post is to ask all of you for help!!
If you are an Indie Author: Id love to invite you to take our contribution survey!
If you are a Blogger: Id love to get indie book/author recommendation, links to your Indie reviews and also guest posts.
If you are a General Reader: Id love to get your ideas about things you'll see this event!
If you are a Designer: Id love to consult with you about the buttons and others graphics for the event.

The Schedule (So far):
Each Week: Reviews & Guest Post & Giveaways
Each Weekend: A Read-A-Thon
All Month: A big Reading Challenge
At the End of the Month: Author Book Awards & Huge Contributor Giveaway

This event is still in the planning stage... So if you anything to request or would like to contribute, please contact me or add a comment below!

Be looking for more comprehensive info and a schedule in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading!! :)

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012

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