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Theme Thursday

Hey guys!! I have grrrrreat news! Ive been thinking my little head off to try and formulate some unique memes i can host here! Ive figured out a few... For thursday, i'll be running "Theme Thursday"! For this meme, ill be specifing a common theme, topic, genre or situation and you all can blog about which book, series and/or author does it best! Or if you cant decide, you can compare and contrast more than one! Wooo, Sound like fun?

Theme: Best "new girl at school/in town and meets a sexy, mysterious guy" -or- "there's a new sexy, mysterious guy at school/in town"

Some Options:

  1. Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith

  2. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

  3. Need by Carrie Jones

  4. Or whatever other book that fits, you decide!

My picks and why.
I think this theme is well played in YA novel, #1 because YA is like the only novels with high school and #2 because someone/somewhere new adds diversity and a starting point for stories.

Ive seen this theme play out in so many books..but for the life of me, i cant think past my list up top...i know there dozens of books though... From my list, i think the best was Vampire diaries, for a few reasons!

  • It was one of the first...the originals were a long time ago.

  • Its better to think a hot got would just appear vs have to move to find him.

  • Because Elena got Stefan and Damon...*drools*

  • Elena already had a connection to the brothers...sort of

Hmm, but what do you think? Post a link in the comments to your Theme Thursday post and check back next week when we dicuss "I'm New at this Private School/Academy"!

Theme Thursday: A weekly event that spotlights the top books by theme as ranked by fellow bloggers.Hosted here at LovelyLit.

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011

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