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Review: Haven (The Willows #1)

Title: Haven
Author: @HopeCollier
Series Info: The Willows #1(not sure how many books)
Theme: YA Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Hearts; Extreme Love!
Summary: At the beginning of the story, Ashton is at her birthday party when she gets a disturbing call...her dad has had a fatal heart attack leaving her alone in the world (since her mother died when she was a baby). He lives far away in another to attend the funeral, she decides to take a road trip there vs flying, hoping she can clear her head and come to terms with her emotions. Along the way some bizarre things start to happen and she learns some secrets from her parents past, that very much affect her now, since she is the last in the family. She also meets a smoldering love interest on this road trip, which has a startling connection to her families past. Throughout this adventure, Ash has to learn who she is and who to trust! Almost no one is who they seem and everyone is hiding something.

My Overall Thoughts: I really really liked this book!! It very much reminded me of twilight but with more story than "falling in love. The end" Well i guess there was that chase scene... But anyway! This book was amazing! Ash reminded me sooo much of myself. Like her love of sweet tea and books! From the physical description i think she even looks like me!! Lol..its true though!! But anyway, the action was good and the romnace was heartbreaking...but awesome. This book was astonishly well written. I loved all the descriptive paragraphs about feelings, sights, and smells. Some authors forget this, but not this one! Thanks for that!!
What I Liked: I liked the Love! I dont want to give to much away, but there are 3 "sort-of" bfs here. (Ash only wants one of them) and with them comes hurt and betrayal. Poor Ash, her emotions are strong..and sad. I also like the ending!
What I Didn't Like: The only think id say i didnt like was all the twists and turns. Well i cant say i didnt like them...but i felt a little confused sometimes. Its not becasue the writing was poor...its just that Ash's world is SO detailed and connected. Like everyone is connected just becomes she much to remember! It is very well thought out by the author...but im still going to re-read a bit to be sure i have everything down! :) I have bad memory issues!! And just for the record, the twists and turns in the story arent a negative, they are just the lowest thing in the book....but the whole book is def 5 stars! My review template has "What I Didnt Like" so i had to add something here! :)
My Favorite Quote: "We would also encourage the use of proper swim attire." Haha from the hotel swimming pool of my favorites!!

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2011

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November 7, 2011 at 6:52 AM

I have this somewhere on my shelf! Will dig it up! I totally get the whole re-read thing I hate it when I have to do it but sometimes the book is so good,It's worth it!

Krazyyme @ Young Readers

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