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Review: Ally by Jessica Taylor

Description: Ally is a girl with a magical secret. On Homecoming night, she finds herself in a situation where she is between life and death. Can her special gifts save her?

Well I gotta say, I dont necesarily love this book. The book had an ok storyline and the characters were ok. But let's get more detailed:

The Good: Well, one good thing i picked up on was the awesome friendship. I really liked Ally and Courtney's relationship. It's a sweet friendship. Another thing i like was the fact that it took place in AZ (the most beautiful place ever) although the writing doesn't really meet any of my five senses. I like that its short, but i think there seems to be too much put in it for it being so small. There seems too much structure writing and not enough descriptive writing. It was very matter of factly. I do love the cover though!

The Not So Good: Unfortunately, I have found a bunch. I actually feel bad because i really try to find the good in every book, but these issues are sort of important to me. (1)I think Ally was cruel to Ryan. Without giving away the story, i think she was rather winchy! (2) I dont like how Ally needs to get "new teeth, hair and clothes" to get friends. And i dont like that she became a snob when she was starting to become popular. I think rude, snobby winches causes problems for in this story.
Overall, I give Ally 3/5 stars! There are some good things in this book but altogether I'm just not sure they are enough. I'd recommend this book to an older reader that just wants a short (about 30 pages) book to preoccupy themselves but I wouldn't however recommend it for a very young reader or a reader who wants a very immersive story. I'll probably read book 2 because i'd like to see if she grows up.

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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