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Plot Points (03/22)

Plot Points is a new feature here where i talk about the essential identifiers of the books im reading! Most posts talk about writing style or character personality, but i wanted to explain the actual foundation of the story. I just started Matched by Ally Condie so i decided to feature this book!

Im just starting chapter 4 but so far there are soo many unique points in this book! Like most dystopia books, the government, called the Society in this book, controls everything!

These people seem to have various "Banquets"...One for finding your mate, another for when you died (im assuming they die on a schedule... :/) probably more but i need to read further.

There is a nutrition type vehicle that brings you no cooking! You will be eating for health...not taste.

The government tells you what job you will have and everyone is allowed to specialize in on one area.

You have to wear some sort of sleep/dream monitor.

The government tells you when you will have free/rec time and gives you few choices to do during that time.

You have to where "plainclothes" and the nice clothes have to be borrowed & only for special occasions.

The government lets you have only one momento from the past and the "Hundred Commitee" has chosen 100 of the best things (songs, books, poems, etc) while the rest are forgotten.  

There are probably other points but thats all i cant remember so far! Ill add more later as i read! So what do you think? In my opinion this is an excellent foundation for an excellent book!

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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