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2012 50 Book Challenge... Will I make it?

Well I have a small dilemma...I set out to read 50 books in 2012 and i was doing excellent at first! In January and February i read like 15 books! Throughout the rest of the year i read about 3 or 4 a month...up until October that is... Some time in the middle of October i started feeling kind of ugh about reading. You know, the good ole reading slump! Then we were getting ready for Halloween...then my birthday. After that, i was totally sick for two weeks and had to go to the Emergency Room... After that came Thanksgiving then getting ready for Christmas... So yeah, for one reason or another, I haven't been able (or didn't want) to read diddly squat. So now, here i am with less than two weeks left for this year brandishing a grand total of 42 books. 

My dilemma is that i read slow as molasses! I usually can get through a book in 2 or 3 days, but that's only if i don't do anything else. It would take *does math* 24 days to read the 8 books... but to put a chink in things, i have too much still to do for Christmas, plus right after Christmas, we are going out of town, not to return until 2013. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Since failure is not an option, I've been thinking of some remedies! 

Ok first thing could be novellas. Yeah, i know: Its practically cheating...but hey, the author puts it on Amazon in a standalone i guess i can consider it as a book. :D Next would be Audiobooks! My "main" laptop broke unfortunately and all of my ebooks (300+) and audiobooks (35+) were on there. Thankful a while back i was "experimenting" with dropbox and to my astonishment, most of my files were on there (although i don't remember putting them on there). I got a totally awesome chromebook for Christmas, so i could probably play them on there.... I hope i have enough...

I did employ the "novella" principle last night and was able to get 4 books out of the way. For the last 4, I am hoping to do an audiobook per day... :/ Any other advice or ideas would be great.. hehe. Also, how are y'all doing on your own challenge?

With love,

Posted on Sunday, December 23, 2012

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