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Indie Month Info for Authors/Bloggers

Hey hey! Thanks soo much for coming by my blog here and reading up on Indie Author Month (IAM). Last year i did IAM on my other blog LovelyLit, but that blog was causes me a lilttle problem... you see, it was on a different acct. So i was constantly having to sign in and out between my email/google + and my blog. It was a pain, so i made a new blog here! With this new blog comes a much simplier approach to blogging on my part. I plan to write a full post on that later, but for now, let me better explain IAM.

I created IAM last year because (1) i totally love indie books and because (2) its soo hard for indie authors to reach there audience sometimes! Not to mention that some people have a preconceived notion that Indie books arent good enough or aren't as good as mainstream books. I think this is totally wrong. No offence to publishing houses but they look at books/publishing as making money. Indie authorship is all about a love for writing and creating. Sharing stories without monetary pressure truly inspires me to read Indie books.

When considering Indie books though, you have to consider all the crazy loads of work that must go into it. Not only does the author have to actually write the words, they also have to edit & design the book, figure out the logistics of self-publishing and do all of their own prompting. Just simply having an idea for the story is just the start! That's why i love Indie Authors, they work hard! That's why i want to help them promote themselves with IAM as well as year-around support on my blog here!

So now down to business!! Things to expect from IAM include (but are not limited to) Author of the Day, Reviews, Cover Reveals, Guests Posts, Book Releases, Google+ Hangouts, Giveaways, Book Excerpts, Character Profiles, Games, etc. Any Indie Author or blogger who would like to participate in IAM is greatly appreciated! The more people involved the more EPIC this year will be!

Bloggers: For bloggers, any sort of promotion would be great: tweets, pins, +1, likes, posts, videos, etc.  I also would like Author Outreach. A lot of authors don't even know about IAM...yet. Also, if you've reviewed one of the featured books or want to, let me know so i can link to it. Make a comment below with: Your Name, Your Blog Name, URL, Twitter/Email and let me know if you want to do Promotion, Author Outreach, Reviewing

Authors: For authors, just fill out the signup form below with your choices. You can invite your friend authors as well. On days when you are featured on the blog, you could share the posts on your social sites.

I will be making a database of all the bloggers and Authors that help out. In addition, there will be a giveaway at the end of the month for readers/bloggers!

With love,

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Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2012

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