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Author of the Day: Lisa Bouchard

Lisa Bouchard
I am 9 days older than Star Trek. I thank any and all deities that I have never had to live in a world without Mr. Spock.

I probably spend way too much time watching television. I blame the internet. Seriously, my lack of will power has nothing to do with it. Now that I can wait and watch an entire season of a show at once I get sucked in and don’t come up for air until about 2 in the morning. I think this goes along with my love for long songs, multi-book series, and four hour movies.

My life seems to be a series of crazy ideas, from ‘go to college across the country where you don’t know anyone’ to ‘four kids sounds like a great idea’ to ‘writing novels for a living sounds like a great plan’. My latest crazy idea is to hike the Appalachian Trail all at once, with my long-suffering husband. He’s taking it rather well.

I live in southern New Hampshire with my husband and our four children. I am the author of the Morrison Investigations series.
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What would you do if you had a superpower you couldn’t use?

Darcy and Olivia Morrison are telepaths, but if they use their power they will be caught by the Telepathic Corps, taken away and never heard from again.

Everywhere they look they see people suffering, both telepath and normal, and feel compelled to help. Traditional avenues - police, fire, medicine - are unavailable to them because these professions test for telepathy. Undaunted, they opened their own private investigation firm.

Telepathic rights is the hot-button issue of their time. George Wynton leads this crusade from Boston, where he is opposed by a secret group called The Twenty, whose only goal is to eliminate all telepaths.

When a horrific murder is discovered, all clues lead to Wynton. It doesn’t help that he was discovered talking to the victim, the only woman he has ever loved.

With his life at stake, Darcy and Olivia are bullied by his lawyer into taking the case even though it is out of their depth. If they do not prove his innocence, the nation’s only champion for telepaths will spend his life in jail, or worse.
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Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013

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