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Character Profile: Ivy from the Dark Passage Series by M.L. Woolley

Title: Dark Passage
Series: Book #1 of Dark Passage
Author: M.L. Woolley
Genre: YA (Paranormal Romance)

Synopsis. Peel back what we know as reality and there is an unseen world that is just waiting for you to enter. No one ever really dies and if we look hard enough we will find the unseen.

The way through the veil has been closed for many centuries but great evil is being unleashed and the two worlds are merging.

There are a chosen few who will walk the way of the dead and discover the secrets that are hidden deep within.

Two young women discover their suprnatural gifts emerge. Jen & Ivy are drawn into the compelling world of the dark side and propelled on the most important journeys of their lives.

It's a race against time for their very lives.
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Character Profile

Vital Statistics

Name: Ivy Kayden

Nickname: Posion Ivy

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Nationality: Caucasian mix (adopted parents from Spain and USA)

Disabilities: Anxiety Disorder

Physical Appearance

Height: 5.6

Build: Curvy

Weight: 135

Complexion: Olive

Colour of Hair: Dark Brown

Quality of Hair: Thick texture with curl

Usual Hairstyle: Long hair below shoulder

Colour of Eyes: Blue with green dots around iris

Facial features: Oval face, high cheek bones and rose bud lips

Distinguishing Features: Eye color and tattoo on upper arm

Scars/birthmarks: Strawberry on back of head

General health: Good health

Style of dress: Generally jeans and t-shirt but loves to dress up for a night on the town

Grooming: Neatly groomed but casual-

Early Childhood

Birthplace: Seattle

Father’s parenting style/occupation/attitude: Hands off, critical, values hard work

Mother’s parenting style/occupation/attitude: Critical, jealous, stay at home parent/ likes to drink

Siblings: Katie (suicide at age 17)
Jeff – Died at age 8 due to a fall down the basement stairs (father pushed but never arrested).

Relationships with family members: Loved siblings but after they died relationships with parents poor

Family feuds: Continual discord in the home.

Financial situation: Parents owned home, father had good job, money went on whims of parents

Happiest memory: Horseback riding on the beach with best friend

Childhood traumas: Death of sister by suicide, death of brother under suspicious circumstances

Childhood even that still affects him/her: Deaths of siblings, marital violence in the home

Biographical Details

Education: High school, Running Start Program (college classes during high school years)

Occupation history: Waitress, Student

Successes/achievements: Graduated High School with college degree

Failures: Broken relationships, dating bad men, Flunked a class in school for low attendance

Obstacles in life (a disability or family commitments): Poor self-image, overcoming rough childhood and traumas

Special skills: Animals are drawn to her, perceptive about people, empathic

Gifts/talents: High IQ, Able to learn new things quickly, Inner strength

Personal Life

Past key relationships: Long-time friendship with Jennifer, Dated boy from good family – Tyler for 2

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Why did relationships end?: Tyler is unknown- they got along well and had a respectful relationship, others were poor choices in men.

Any recurrent themes: Self-doubt

Past convictions: Underage drinking- not on record

Hobbies: Riding horses, reading, spending time with friends, antiques, visiting old people

Favourite food/drink: Favorite food – Italian, Favorite drink Mocha

Usual haunts: Friend’s house, library, beach, downtown, Salty’s

Philosophy in life (carefree, cautious?) Why?: Cautious about people but values good friends- poor family life created distrust

Religion: Went to church as a kid with neighborhood outreach

Present Situation

Occupation: Waitress- student

Is s/he happy in occupation? If not, why?: Not happy as waitress, tired of seedy people out to use her. Loves school.

What would s/he rather be doing?: Riding horses, traveling, meeting friends

Relationship with work colleagues: Gets along with people- takes a while to warm up to people

Issues at work: Financial situation Lives from paycheck to paycheck

Quality of home life: Lives with friend- good relationship

Typical daily routine: Get up at 9 am, clean up house, eat, go to town and read at the coffee shop, get ready for work, work form 8 pm until 2 am.

Type of car/s driven: Honda Civic

Secret Life

Phobias: Men in dark suits

What is the worst thing that could happen to him/her?: Being abducted

What is the best thing that could happen to him/her?: Be able to help someone she cares about.

Addictive behaviour (alcohol, gambling, etc): Bad boys, occasional drinking

Personal detail most ashamed of: Dating bad boys, making poor decisions

What s/he would most like to change about them self. Why?: Change image of a party girl and do something worthwhile with her life. Does not want to end up like her parents.

What s/he mostly wants from life: To live a normal life with little conflict and have good relationships

Personal goals: Finish college, marry someday, buy a house with room for a horse or two.

Personal strengths: Compassionate, Giving, Hard-working, Intelligent

Personal weaknesses: Making spur of the moment decisions, saying no to the wrong people

Sexual transgressions: Ivy has slept with a few different boys when drinking.

Compulsions: Ivy is compelled to always look over her shoulder

~ Ivy is a 19 year old girl with a bright mind and a wicked sense of humor. She often doubts herself and second guesses her decisions. Ivy has an intense sense of compassion and will risk her own well-being to better the lives of people she cares about. She does not see her personal value and is unaware of the gifts she has been given. When the time comes she sacrifices herself and in that she learns the inner strength that she possesses.

     About the Author     
ML was adopted and raised in Washington State. She grew up loving the escape of books, far away places and magical endings. Horses were a huge part of her life and she learned to ride at age 6 on the neighbor's farm. She worked cleaning stalls and doing work in trade for riding lessons. When she was on the back of a horse she felt that anything in life was possible. The horse used in the second book is her own Quarter Horse show Stallion "The Great White Hope".

ML married early to start a new life and divorced by the time she was 23. She raised her two girls, worked her way through college and graduate school working for a housekeeping service. She has spent many years in social services as social worker, crisis worker, counselor and case manager. Her first intrest has always been helping people to live better lives and become all that they can be. She was remarried later in life and lives with her husband in a small town in Washington- I never give up on a goal once it's set in my mind.

ML's educational background is BA in Psychology, MA in Education and an MED in Counseling Psychology. Education focused on applied principles with a diverse theoretical approach. Writing plays a very small part of what I do vocationally and this is my first work of fiction.

"Everyone has potential and can achieve their dreams. NEVER give up on yourself"- ML
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