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Summary Post & Excerpt: Dark Passage Series by ML Woolley

Title: Chosen
Series: Book #1 of Dark Passage
Author: M.L. Woolley
Genre: YA (Paranormal: Ghost & Demons)

Synopsis. Peel back what we know as reality and there is an unseen world that is just waiting for you to enter. No one ever really dies and if we look hard enough we will find the unseen.

The way through the veil has been closed for many centuries but great evil is being unleashed and the two worlds are merging.

There are a chosen few who will walk the way of the dead and discover the secrets that are hidden deep within.

Two young women discover their suprnatural gifts emerge. Jen & Ivy are drawn into the compelling world of the dark side and propelled on the most important journeys of their lives.

It's a race against time for their very lives.

Title: Underworld
Series: Book #2 of Dark Passage
Author: M.L. Woolley
Genre: YA (Paranormal: Ghost & Demons)

Synopsis. In a green ocean of pine trees and twisted branches it seems impossible that light can penetrate the darkness. I find myself outside the strange house in the coolness of a pine forest with my backpack slung over my shoulder. The pine scent lingers in the air and I can hear the faint sound of music from far away.

The pleasure of the light is so intense that I don’t care about anything else. All I have ever wanted is to be loved and to be held just like this. I want to stay forever and never to go back to my life. I savor the experience for a few more moments and then let my body fall out of the light. I know what I must do and slowly close the locket.

“The white horses belong to the third realm. When we saw him in the field this morning Emma said he was yours. How did you ever get your hands on one? He will prove right useful to you here.”

“How can I be equipped when I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do?” I feel a sudden feeling of panic rising up in me as the words tumble out. I don’t understand what I have done to deserve this and the thought of what I will have to face is terrifying.

“The way you are to go will come to you. You will be led by an inner feeling and when the time is right you will know what to do. The light will find you and show you other dimensions and doorways which you may pass through”.

My eyes never leave her face. She radiates warmth and looks as she had long ago, before the world had left its cruel marks on her. It’s a sliver of time I will never get back. It’s been a lifetime and I can’t forget her face, she is the one who completes me. It’s a fragment of time that I have hidden away in the inner recess of my mind. Nothing more than a promise of the reality of what could have been. We had chosen different paths and were never to see each other again.

I often dream the impossible dream. Can this sliver of time, this chance meeting, ever lead to an eternity with her?

Underworld is a gritty YA Novel that is action packed. The protagonist is a 19 year old girl named Ivy. She is strong and yet broken but she has a sense of hope that drives her to push beyond what she believes about herself. The story shows Ivy's growth as she comes to grips with who she really is and busts out the box that society has put her inside. She realizes she is so much more than just a girl from the wrong side of town and that she has it within herself to change the destiny of many. She finds herself facing not only demons from her past but also the demons beyond the veil of the underworld. The Underworld is a brutal place, with intense evil, that resonates the very worst of human nature. Sometimes to save those you love you must walk alone into the unknown and be ready to die for what you believe.

** Cover Reveal Coming Soon!**

Title: Seal of Doom
Series: Book #3 of Dark Passage
Author: M.L. Woolley
Genre: YA (Paranormal: Ghost & Demons)

Synopsis. The seal of doom was opened when the veil between the realms was torn. From the seal came all manner of evil. The sky turned black with shadows and darkness swallowed the light of day. In time, humanity will disappear and the world will become hell on earth

They were subtle at first. Changes in residences or employment was common but there were other more personal changes that were deemed as best for society as a whole. People who didn’t like the changes simply vanished. There was quiet speculation that the people who didn’t fit in were “donated” to others in need of organs or for scientific purposes. Nobody really knows for certain what happened to them.

The world had tumbled out of control. At first glance you would think nothing had changed but then you see it. People walking through town with their eyes averted and their lips tightly sealed. People were afraid. Afraid to talk. Afraid to smile. They were going through the motions of life but not really living. How could they enjoy life when no one could be trusted?

The Nation we know is no longer governed by elected officials but by those controlling the money and dictating the direction of the economy. Financiers have shifted the balance of power and the world was only too happy to comply. The general population had no way of knowing that when they agreed to a one world economy that in fact they were sealing their fates. They are now at the mercy of a powerful new alliance between the financially elite and the new Lord Ruler.

Cash was abolished and in its place are debit cards and microchips. People who don’t carry the card or have the chip can’t buy food or do any of the things they need to do in order to live in society. The world population is at the mercy of a new type of cartel. The elite who strive for total power and behind it all are the forces of darkness.

The earth groans with pain as change comes. It is the dawning of another age and the old has become new again. Systematic destruction of the population is rampant. The ones who openly oppose the new order are publicly exterminated. They are replaced with versions of themselves- shape-shifters of sorts.

Then there are the others. They are a handful of people who live on the fringe and risk everything to take a stand.

****Excerpt of Prologue

I sit outside, my legs curled under me and drink a cup of coffee. The smell is strong and I am going to need the caffeine today. My breath makes streams of fog that curl in the chilly morning air. I can hear the gulls calling down by the docks and car horns in the distance. There is something disturbing about the normalcy of the morning. As though nothing has changed and life is business as usual.

After taking a shower I quickly dress and make my way down the stairs. The old stairs creak with each step and I feel a strange chill. A sickening sense of sadness washed over me and I force myself to take hold of my thoughts.

Nothing will ever be the same. The memories of fire, smoke, death and intense fear come and go. I am no longer the person I was a year ago. I have seen horrible things and become a sort of monster myself. Kill or be killed is my new way of life. The worst part being, that the people I cared about are targets, just by association with me.

My hometown is a strange place. It’s become a place of deception. By all appearances it looks the same as the day I left but underneath there is something sinister. Like most places in the world it has evolved into something else.

Flags of the new America hang in the government buildings and even on some of the businesses. Many people still believed that the new America will be a better place. Truth is- it’s all a lie.

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     About the Author     
ML was adopted and raised in Washington State. She grew up loving the escape of books, far away places and magical endings. Horses were a huge part of her life and she learned to ride at age 6 on the neighbor's farm. She worked cleaning stalls and doing work in trade for riding lessons. When she was on the back of a horse she felt that anything in life was possible. The horse used in the second book is her own Quarter Horse show Stallion "The Great White Hope".

ML married early to start a new life and divorced by the time she was 23. She raised her two girls, worked her way through college and graduate school working for a housekeeping service. She has spent many years in social services as social worker, crisis worker, counselor and case manager. Her first intrest has always been helping people to live better lives and become all that they can be. She was remarried later in life and lives with her husband in a small town in Washington- I never give up on a goal once it's set in my mind.

ML's educational background is BA in Psychology, MA in Education and an MED in Counseling Psychology. Education focused on applied principles with a diverse theoretical approach. Writing plays a very small part of what I do vocationally and this is my first work of fiction.

"Everyone has potential and can achieve their dreams. NEVER give up on yourself"- ML

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With love,

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