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Guest Post: My Boss is a Bitch by Lisa Bouchard

I’ve had some great bosses in my time (at the NM Bureau of Mines). I’ve had some mediocre bosses (probably shouldn’t say). I’ve had some downright loathsome bosses (not in the position to settle a lawsuit, so definitely not saying). I’ve even had a confusing boss who thought it was the greatest thing ever that I showed up to work on time, did my job, and didn’t leave early (supermarket bakery job). I guess she’d been burned by some really bad employees. I’ve even had no boss for over a decade. But the boss I have now – wow – she’s harsh!

She is never satisfied with a decent day’s work. She thinks nothing of asking for an extra hour or two after the kids go to bed. And taking a weekend off? Forget it! I was lucky to talk her into having Saturday night and Sunday mornings off.

You know I’m a writer, so you know I am my own boss. I’m tough on myself because I have to be. Being an indie writer is a tough gig and the amount of money I make is directly related to the quality of my writing. (I know there are other factors involved, but unless a writer has a huge marketing budget, which I don’t, this generally holds true.)

So I’m up until midnight writing guest blog posts. I plot stories into my tape recorder while I take a bubble bath. I subject my children to audiobooks while we run errands. I go to bed with books on writing and marketing and running a small business.

Like Darcy and Olivia, the main characters in THE SHATTERED DOOR, I work all day, every day until I can pay my bills and save some money.

But what about the artistic side of my work? I love that part – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. Creating new worlds and filling them with interesting people is the best job ever. I’ve never loved the phrase ‘starving artist’ though. I think ‘well-fed, happy artist’ is more the life I’m looking for.

And until I get there, I’ll be working my tuchus off.

     About the Author     
I am 9 days older than Star Trek. I thank any and all deities that I have never had to live in a world without Mr. Spock.

I probably spend way too much time watching television. I blame the internet. Seriously, my lack of will power has nothing to do with it. Now that I can wait and watch an entire season of a show at once I get sucked in and don’t come up for air until about 2 in the morning. I think this goes along with my love for long songs, multi-book series, and four hour movies.

My life seems to be a series of crazy ideas, from ‘go to college across the country where you don’t know anyone’ to ‘four kids sounds like a great idea’ to ‘writing novels for a living sounds like a great plan’. My latest crazy idea is to hike the Appalachian Trail all at once, with my long-suffering husband. He’s taking it rather well.

I live in southern New Hampshire with my husband and our four children. I am the author of the Morrison Investigations series.
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Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013

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