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Discussion: Fan Fiction, What's your take?

I recently download an android app filled with Fan Fiction! At first i was like "Hmmm..." After paging through a few stories, one thing became shockingly clear: Some of these writers really have awesome talent! After i had that epiphany, I started to wonder what the original author thought of these stories!

The fanfiction "market" is saturated with mostly Twilight and Harry Potter stories! Everything you can think of from Harry Potter in Space to Bella Swan with Dinosaurs! Yes seriously... :O There are also some ummm less savory stories with drugs, drinking and sex.... and even beyond that! I read YA specifically because i don't want to read excessive amounts of the afore mentioned things. When a character does such things i just cant relate to them and I usually just stop reading the book. With fan fiction however, these such things are thrown onto a character you already love. The problem with that, in my case, is that some fan fiction can actually affect my thoughts the original book, or at least my thoughts of the characters etc. And what if you hated the fanfic and it makes you want to avoid the real book? :O  Oh, and how about Role Players on twitter and in forums?... I know that sounds overly sensitive and maybe even silly...but could it really damage the image of the original author's ideas?

I did actually find a lot of fanfic stories i really enjoyed though! I'm really interested in what authors and other readers think of this. So, what's your take?

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Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2013

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