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Author of the Day: Angela Kulig

Angela Kulig
I hate talking about myself. When I have to write biographies, I tend to turn them into excellent jokes and hide the fact that really they make my soul hurt. So when I started work on this one, I had it my head I’d just compile the best bits of various other biographies and call it a night. Sort of like Angela Kulig’s greatest hits, all my best yuck-yucks no misses.

But apparently, I am very good at one liners; and even after liberal use of the copy and pasting it amounted to little more than this:

Did you know I used to be a pirate?  And no, I don’t mean I downloaded illegal files of Napster—it is absolutely true, and the biggest lie I have uttered (more than ten times in public) at the same time.

Maybe I should start this way, I used to be an actor! While being an actor, I did several noteworthy things including the writing of my first novel the summer before sixth grade, and the writing of my first play two years later. But the coolest thing I ever did was work at a virtual reality theatre; where I was paid to be a pirate—among other things.

It’s a great opener!

These days, I just write (awesome) books and live in the desert against my will.

But sometimes I still like to pretend I’m a pirate.

Angela Kulig is author of Skeleton Lake, The Skeleton Song, and her upcoming novella Heroes & Vallenez. She eats meat, and tweets… a lot. Find her on twitter as @angelakulig online and or on

     The Books     
The Skeleton Song (A Prequel). Drowning might not be the way most adventures start, but it is the only way at Skeleton Lake. When Death is your only companion, darkness is always on the horizon.

In the prequel to SKELETON LAKE, Cassie chooses the wrong brother. That leads to a series of events that take all of her choices away. For in a world of beautiful bones and false flesh, sometimes life after death is killer.

Skeleton Lake (Hollows, book #1). Unsure if she's drowning or being saved, all Marlow wants to do is run away. Ensnared in a haunting love triangle, she realizes both boys have holes in their hearts; gaping spaces she can never hope to fill.

Scars from loving the same girl, a girl who managed to stay dead.

Now she is being hunted, for what she has become and what she never asked to be. Even as a Skeleton Marlow isn’t the worst thing in the night—she isn’t even close.
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Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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