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I have totally fallen in love with Indie YA/NA books! It's my mission to spread this love around and smother anyone who will listen! So, i've decided to offer Author Promotional Services to any author in the YA/NA genre! Unlike Blog Tour sites and other "grass roots" author promo sites, my venture with be completely free and unlimited! Starting this spring, I invite all my author friends to come by and signup for some awesome promo events!

Why am i doing this? I'm doing this for the same reason i do Indie Author Month...because i want to encourage Indie writer to write, write, write without necessarily stressing about trying to build a fanbase too!  Indie authors have soo much work to do getting their books ready and it's easy for me to help them out with the promo. The events will be somewhat similar to IAM, but not so blitzy and more spread out! For IAM, I do anywhere from 200 to 300 posts for 30+ authors! It can be sort of overwhelming for blog readers. These events will be personal and i will recruit other blogs to participate too. So, it's a total win win! Did I mention it was free? 


-Cover Reveal 
-Release Day Blitz
-Guest Post
-Author Chat/Interview (Google+ Hangout)
-Book Excerpt
-Character Profile
-Book Games
-Book Tour (you provide shareable ebook)
-Giveaways (you provide book/ebook/swag)

The options you choose can be for every book or just upcoming books or whatever works best for you. If you give me the estimated dates, i'll pre-schedule your event and email you beforehand to finalize everything!

Once you've decided on the options you'd be interested in, I will look in the database and find other bloggers to cross post and plan with. It's just that simple! 

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Types of Promo

With love,

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Posted on Monday, January 7, 2013

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