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2012 in Review & Goals for 2013

Well surprise surprise...i didn't finish my 2012 50 book goal! This strikes me as somewhat odd because i read like 70 or something books in 2011. I figured 50 books was "taking it easy". In theory, 50 books a year is about 1 book a week, with 2 weeks off. Seeing how i can comfortably read about 2 to 3 books a week, i figured 50 would be perfect.

In the early months i had that "put off" mentality. You know, the good old "i have a whole year, so why hustle now?" I knew going into the challenge that it would be soo easy. About half way through the year, i was doing good, about a book or 2 ahead. Around Halloween all the craziness started. (Getting sick, traveling, reading slump, laptop broke, Christmas shopping) By the middle of December, i had like 8 books left. I read some small books and tried to pull in some under the wire..but no, that didn't work. I think the last stats was 46 out of 50 books.

In 2013, i want to do a better job at planning my reading out through the year. I was thinking of doing about 2 a week or maybe 1 every 3 days. Those scenarios would equal about 100 or so books total. Then i was thinking of going real precise and doing 1 1/2 books per week, which would equal to like 78. I want it to be more than 50 but less than 100. Ultimately, i think i'll choose 60....about 6 to 7 days per book. This way i'll have a little room in case of another reading slump.

I think i'll go to goodreads now and set in stone... 60 books a year. Wow, feels good to set a new goal...feel even better that i've already started reading my first book! Awesome! So how did you do last year... And whats your goal this year?

With love,

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Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013

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