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My Favorite Genre of Books

Obviously, i really love reading... I'm not sure if that's because it's an escape from my own boring life or if it's because i have no real friends (lol) but i just really like it! I wanted to post today about my preferences in books!

First first thing in determining if i'll read the story is point of view! For whatever reason, i cant really get into books writing in 3rd person! I've read some amazing books writing in 3rd person, but i really prefer 1st. I like 1st person with alternating views also!

As far as genre, i only read Young Adult and Clean New Adult. I love paranormal, supernatural and fantasy books! I like a little romance mixed in... As for as historical and contemporary, well i don't go gaga over them but i might read them if i like the premise!

Nest thing is length. I prefer small or medium books because i get bored easy. Novellas are sometimes too small though. Somwehere around 200 pages is best for me!

As far as emotions go, I like funny books and sarcastic characters. Also, i like confident, brooding male characters I mean. Not too much into the tear jerkers...super-love epic cliffhangers though!

What are your preferences?

With love,

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Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2013

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