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Review: Dark Passage by M.L. Woolley

Title: Dark Passage
Series: Book #1 of The Chosen
Author: M.L. Woolley
Pages/Size: Medium - Longish.
Genre: NA (Romance,  Paranormal/Apocalyptic/Horror)
Topic: Ghosts, Demons.
POV: Mostly 3rd Person.
Rating: 5 Stars

Description. Peel back what we know as reality and there is an unseen world that is just waiting for you to enter. No one ever really dies and if we look hard enough we will find the unseen.
The way through the veil has been closed for many centuries but great evil is being unleashed and the two worlds are merging.  There are a chosen few who will walk the way of the dead and discover the secrets that are hidden deep within.  Two young women discover their suprnatural gifts emerge. Jen & Ivy are drawn into the compelling world of the dark side and propelled on the most important journeys of their lives. .
This was a great book! I think it was even epic! I never read a book that made me think so much about my own life. Usually i'll read and think about the characters and what's happening to them. But for some reason while i was reading this book i kept thinking about myself and how my life related to the story. I really liked how thoughtful this book made me.

Plot. The plot on this book was fantastic. I was a bit confused in the beginning but understood more the further i read. I think bringing in the history of the house and of the previous uses of it was a great idea. I love knowing the back story of the settings and such. The first half of the book was mostly meeting the characters and becoming acquainted with how they are interconnected. The second part of the story is all about preparing for a specific "event". There is also a little romance between a few different couples and a lot of OMGosh-es "that was so scary" parts. I really liked the plot of the story. There where a few things that i found missing, like specific events that weren't show, but rather dealt with by the character after the fact or as a memory. I guess though, that the author may have did that as a suspense creator or to keep the momentum in certain scenes.

Characters. I think this book had really great characters. Have you ever seen books where all the characters are like the same person but with different names? lol, Well that's definitely not the case here. The characters in general are halved into good or bad. All the good ones are "good" but also have their own personality and same goes with the bad. Even the demons are pretty personified. I think this is great because it helps cement the story and an understanding in your mind through out the the story. For the most part the characters seemed very consistent. The only thing i was a bit skeptical about was the prologue at the end (athough i think the author meant Epilogue). Ivy was showing such hatefulness and annoyance towards Lisa. I'm not sure why she would feel like that after she talked so much about her own clean slate but then refuses to accept Lisa's. I have a feeling though that this will be better explained in book two. My favorite characters were Ivy and Peter.

Writing. I read some reviews about this book stating that the writing wasn't that good. I can see why they would say that, but i think that's being a bit harsh. There are some place that need editing or revision, but considering that this is the authors first book i think it is perfectly acceptable. I think some book reviewer are snobbish and think that their opinion and standards rule. But in the real world, new authors have to start somewhere. This author obviously has a great talent for crafting an amazing stories, so in time as she hones in and irons out her writing skills, i think she'll be an amazing writer.

I totally cant wait for book 2. Im very curious to know whether my hunch is right. Im also curious to see how everything will be after the "event".

With love,

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Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013

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