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Review: The Bionics by Alicia Michaels

Title: The Bionics
Series: Book #1 of The Bionics Series
Author: Alicia Michaels
Pages/Size: Smallish
Genre: NA (small amounts of Romance &
Apocalyptic/Dystopian)Topic: Bionics/Robots
POV: First Person
Rating: 5 Stars

Description. All I ever wanted was to be a normal girl. I had dreams of joining the ranks of the Military Police and making my family proud. But the nuclear war that laid waste to our country destroyed any hope I had of being normal ever again. They took everything away from me, including my humanity. I am now half-human, half-machine, part of the never-ending freak show that is the Restoration Project. They hate what they created and they fear us for being powerful. And so they hunt us, destroying our lives so that they can bury what they built. What they don’t know is this: there is a Resistance out there and The Bionics aren’t going down without a fight.

My Thoughts
Well I totally, absolutely loved this book. I never read a book about a half robot person before and it surprised me to realize that i was still able to relate with her. I'm not as sentimental over the family thing as she is but i still think we have a ton of things in common. These sorts of books are my favorite to read; ones where the characters reactions would be my own. In most books, its more like "UUGGHH, Why did you do/think/say that?"

Characters. All the characters in this book were great! They were very interesting in their own ways and it was easy to dislike the ones you were supposed to dislike. The sort of love pentagon thing was a bit weird though, but i enjoyed reading the different sides. I remember being younger and having a crush on like 3 guys at once, so it's very realistic. There were awesome amounts of sarcasm, which i totally adore, and a fair amount of humor too, which i also totally loved. In general, all the characters were developed very well. All were strong and independent. My favorite would have to be Blythe, of course, but i really adored Dax and Yasmine as well.

Plot. The storyline of this book was spectacular  In a nutshell, the was a nuke war. The injured was given a second chance at living by being giving robotic type limb (or other body part) replacements. Then, when the government how strong the new "bionics" were they wanted to back out and decided they were terrorists. In theory though, a person that's half robot (just think a really intelligent terminator  could be wicked dangerous. I don't want to bring in too much politics but it's like the gun control thing. Millions of people have guns but only sick/uneducated/evil people actually shoot people down and act like terrorists. And if they don't shoot people down, well, they will find a sling blade or bomb or whatever else they think they need to fulfill their sick perversions. Anyway, so the government wants to strip all there robotic parts away and let them die or just plain killed them out right. The magnitude of this story makes me feel kind of sad. While this is just a book, the same concept of oppression can be applied to so many things. The plot of this book ended at a very critical time in the story, so i am very interested in getting my hands on the next book! I really really want to know what happens!

Setting. The setting of this book was great. I could really see and feel the desolation of the cities. Likewise, inside the compound and hovercraft i could really imagine the environment well. I'm not sure if this was my own rogue imagination or if the book gave me what i need, but i definitely have a good envisioning of most scenes in the book. My favorite scene is the when Agata is in the glass room!

All in all i most definitely loved this book and will most definitely be reading any other books in this series. I noticed that the Author has another series out as well. I will probably check that out too because i really like her writing style! I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a good apocalyptic book without zombies!

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Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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