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Review: Indomitable by J. Meyers

Title: Indomitable
Series: Companion to the Intangible Series
Author: J. Meyers
Pages: About 50
Genre: YA (History & Paranormal)
Topic: Vampires
POV: Alternating Third Person
Rating: 5 Stars (26/30)
Well, I totally loved this mini book! I've read 2 other books from this author and i've absolutely loved all of them!

Point of View. I've talked so much about a book's point of view in the past that I think everyone knows that I love First Person. For whatever reason, i usually have a hard time getting into stories written in 3rd person. The books written by J.Meyers are all third person but they are written so beautifully and craftily that i didn't even realize! They are so captivating i didn't have time to concentrate on the point of view! Another thing that these books do great, is that they switch between characters. This gives great perspective to the scenes without getting confusing. I enjoy reading J.Meyer's 3rd person books.

Plot. The purpose of this companion is to help establish Jonas' back story. In Intangible, you can absolutely tell he's a different sort of vampire and he alludes to his past and what how his past shaped him, but since this books it's all about him and his struggles, you can really see it firsthand. It's switches between "now" and 200 years in the past (when he was still human) which gives an excellent overview of his character! It's truly a heartbreaking story but i'm glad to know more about one of my favorite characters of the series.

For me this book was over too soon. I def wanted to know more! I cant wait to read the the next book in the series and i would def recommend this novella and the other novella, Intuition, to anyone wanting to get into a great paranormal series!

With love,

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Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013

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