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Guest Post: Coming Soon w/ Charlotte Abel

Coming soon: Interview with Hunter Feenie from "Enchantment" and "Taken"

Howdy there, I'd love to do a guest post to entertain all y'all lovely ladies but I gotta get ready for a book launch. Seems Ms. Abel done waited too dang long to git all her stuff together.

She's still trying to decide on a cover for "Taken" for gosh sake and the dang book's supposed to be published this coming Friday! Can you believe that? Me neither!

If you ain't had a chance to read "Enchantment" yet, ya might wanna git on it. I play a much bigger part in "Taken" so you'll want to be sure you're all set to go.

Once we get this book launch "taken" care of (pun intended) I'll come back and tell y'all how I wound up as an exotic male dancer in Vegas. And no, I ain't a stripper! Jeeze! A fella cain't get no respect.

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2012

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