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Indie Sneak Peek w/ Quinn Loftis

Excerpt from Just One Drop, Book 3 in the Grey Wolves Series- to be released February 17,2012

Excerpt chapter 6
"What are you grinning about?" Decebel growled knowing he wasn't going to like the answer.

"I think it's time we break up their girls night out before Jen falls off the bar," Fane told him and though he tried he couldn't hid the teasing laughter in his eyes as he watched his words penetrate Decebel's mind.

"She's in a bar?"

"Oh, she'll do you one better than that Beta," Fane chuckled, "She's on a bar, as in dancing on a bar. The patrons are quite taken with her."

Decebel was out of his seat and ripping the door to Vasile's office open before Fane finished his sentence.

"Did you have taunt him?" Vasile scolded.

Fane shrugged, "Seeing the steely, calm, collect Beta roweld up is too much to pass up Alpha."

Vasile tried to hide his smile as he shook his head at his only son, "Fine, but hurry up and go with him or he'll tear the damn bar apart and I don't have the time or energy to deal with that mess."

"As you say," Fane winked at his father as he followed after Decebel.

"Luna, I'm giving you fair warning, your little night out has been found out by the object of your taunting. Do you think it wise my love to bait a dominant male?" Fane could feel her surprise at hearing his voice in her mind. He smiled, he loved surprising her, it was a nice change of pace since he was usually the one being surprised.

"Crap, is he on his way here?" Fane heard the anxiety in her voice.

"Hell is on his heals love."

"You are enjoying this entirely too much white fang."

"Awe now Jacquelyn, that is no way to speak to your mate," Fane couldn't hid the laughter in his voice.

"Just remember wolf-man I will follow through with my threat to have that dog house built for you. Now crap, how long?"

"You wound me with your words Luna."

"Fane, I'm not playing with you. How long till the brooding fur ball arrives?"

Fane had not bothered to tell Jacquelyn that he and Decebel had been driving while he had been conversing. The bar was only five minutes from the mansion. He grinned to himself as he and Decebel climbed out of the hummer after parking directly behind Sorin's vehicle effectively blocking any chance for escape.
As Fane pulled open the door to the bar he took in the scene and nearly lost his composure at the site.
"You're looking stunning Luna, if not a little under clothed," Fane watched as Jacquelyn's eyes, big a saucers, met his across the bar. He grinned wickedly, raising his eyebrows he whispered in her mind, "Gotchya."

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