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Indie Interview: Quinn Loftis

1. What book inspired you most before you became a writer yourself?
A Wrinkle In Time was the book that made me really want to be a writer. I loved how original and creative it was and how while reading it I was able to get swept away from reality for a time.

2. First book you ever remember reading?
Ramona Quimby Books, by Beverly Cleary

3. How do you pick your character's names?
The Romanian names I picked according to their meanings. The others honestly there was non rhyme or reason. I just thought about names that sounded good together and tried them out til I found some that I felt fit.

4 Name an excellent indie book that you think needs more recognition.
Forgotten Self, Book One in The Standing Alone Series By: Rachel Carr
Blood of Anteros, Book One in the Vampire Agape Series By: Georgia Cates

5. Share some quotes you love! Either from your book or someone else's!
"Wait I'll do you one better than that, you're good sense has kissed your ass goodbye on its way out the door, waving and smiling with well wishes." -Jennifer Adams, Just One Drop Book 3 in the Grey Wolves Series.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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