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Excerpt: Powered by Cheyanne Young


Title: Powered*
Author: Cheyanne Young
Genre: YA

Synopsis. Maci Might's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be the day she's awarded Hero status. But thanks to a tiny anger problem and a questionable family tree, King City's elders think it's best if she doesn't join the Hero ranks. Determined to change their minds, Maci will break whatever rule it takes to prove she's Hero material. As her hair darkens and her anger intensifies, everyone turns against her except Evan; a childhood friend turned scientist who may be able to unlock the secrets hidden in her DNA.

When a villain attacks King City and her dad is held prisoner, Maci discovers a truth she refuses to believe. She may not be a Hero after all—but this time the Heroes of King City need her more than she needs them. And she won't let them down.

Powered is book 1 in a trilogy and is set for publication in June, 2013.

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My boots step carefully on the gravel below me as I survey my surroundings. I'm in a narrow pathway between two rows of carnival game booths with twinkling yellow lights and colorful painted signs. Gigantic stuffed teddy bears sway in the gentle breeze, their stitched on smiles waiting anxiously to be won and taken home. Tacky music plays somewhere in the distance but the cheerful tune is nothing but creepy when I'm the only person around.

Sixteen years of Hero training philosophies, rules and even my own Hero daydreams flood into my mind all at once. I'm in a modern working carnival with zero visitors and not a carnie in sight. This is a set up.

"Show yourself," I say, stopping in front of a booth with balloons stuck on a dartboard. My voice is strong and unwavering; exactly the way a Hero's voice should be.

He doesn't make a sound but I sense the power to my left.

With a quick flick of my wrists, I cross them in front of each other and retrieve two black metal hooks. They are only activated when they leave my hands, and once activated they will become lethal. Even to me. So I need to make this count.

"I said show yourself, coward." I twist my head toward the power. My fingers grip the hooks patiently, not wanting to let them go until the absolute perfect moment.

"That's no way to talk to your elder." He steps out from behind an oversized scale with the words guess your weight above it in blinking lights. The time it takes me to recognize him as Bammer, the world's most pathetic villain who typically picks on homeless humans, is exactly how long it takes me to fling my hooks.

They shoot through the air, closing the distance between us with a thwoop. Each hook wraps around his wrists, their full magnetic power harnessing onto the power in his veins and bringing him to the ground. He lets out a groan, from either the debilitating magnetic force or the way his head bashes into the ground when he crumples.

I walk up to him. He doesn't move. The pain is excruciating when in restraints like this. At least that's what I've heard but I'm not a villain so I've never had to endure it. My BEEPR blinks orange when I scan it over his body, sending word back to Central that there's a rogue Super ready for punishment. Well. That was easy.

A satisfied laugh escapes me. I just bagged my first villain in under sixty seconds. It's as if I've been doing this my whole life.

Time to catch the second villain.

     About the Author     
Cheyanne is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that probably needs an intervention. She loves books, sarcasm, Xbox and paid holidays. She lives near the beach with her daughter, one spoiled rotten puppy and a cat who is most likely plotting to take over the world.
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Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013

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